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• In the winter of 1985, strange occurrences began to transpire inside Erie Hall on the college campus at Geneseo, New York. Over a period of several months, a number of the students would have their lives forever altered by a series of paranormal events.

• Apparitions sighted, strange voices heard and moving objects witnessed all became part of the experience shared by those young adults now over twenty years ago. Through the considered efforts of several of these students, a recorded history now exists detailing the day-to-day terror that they underwent. Photographs, voice recordings, scribbled notes and formal journals all now serve to authenticate the events that unfolded around them.

• This film is dedicated to the telling a portion of that story.

• Starring Kyle Shea and Aaron Katter, this independent docu-thriller is directed by Mara Katria and produced by William Edwards. The world premiere of PTWM was held at the prestigious SCARE-A-CON Festival and Convention in September 2012. The production is hosting a series of showings in preparation for wide release! Many of these events will be attended by members of the cast and crew as well as the survivors of the actual 1985 events, Mr. Chris Di Cesare and Mr. John Jeff Ungar (both as seen on SyFy).

• See below for press and events to stay informed about the coming attractions. You can also 'like' PTWM on Facebook for news on the motion picture as it happens: www.facebook.com/pleasetalk.

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William Edwards - ProducerMara Katria - DirectorChris Di Cesare - Key WitnessJ. Jeff Ungar - Journal Writer

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